Not so wordless Wednesday

There seems to be a very odd smell coming from our living room. This has been happening for the past few months and only every once in awhile will I get a wiff. It smells like someone has a grow op in our basement. Unfortunately for them, we don't have a basement. It is driving my CRAZY! I feel like I should have everyone that comes in sign something indicating that they have been warned and that it's confidential (I don't want to be the couple that has the smelly house). Only in one spot though. Yes, others have bore witness to the smell, it's not jsut me. No, there is not a grow op in my basement; we don't have a basement.

Easter is fast approaching, can't believe how fast this year has already gone by. I also can't believe that people born in 1992 will be turning 18 this year (I don't know how I went from the first thought to the second one. Please don't ask). People react with eye rolls and scoffs when I say the year I was born in and now I will most likely do the same to all these '90's babies. Same as I do things my mother does, I lock my doors when I see a questionable person on the corner, I judge bad decisions and I go to bed at 11 on Friday nights. I have stopped trying to stay young. I am now embracing the things I said I would never do because I don't have the energy to fight what's natural. So, yes, I am that person my 18 year old self vowed never to be and actually, I kind of like her. SO HA!

Now if only I was still this cute!

Wordless Wednesday


The weekend is over already?

That was the weekend?!

WOW! That flew by. Jeff woke me up this morning, I noticed it was still dark outside and became instantly angry with him for telling me it’s time to get up, before the sun, on a Sunday? WTH? After a few moments of fuzzy thoughts, I realized that, in fact, it’s Monday morning. Bleh!

Anyway, we had a great weekend. Friday night, I worked until 9 but when I got home we watched a scary movie, “Splinter”. It was way odd. I am not even going to review it. It’s kind of out there but had a few scary/creepy moments. Jeff says it won “Best Horror Movie in 2008”, note to self, don’t watch 2008 horror movies (they must all suck).

Saturday Jeff worked and I cleaned the abode and made stew in the slow cooker. Mmmmmm. Julie and Steve came over to play “Pay Me” on Saturday night and Julie and I had some business decisions to make regarding our house. We actually wrote things down, first time in our business adventure we have done this. See, we are getting older now and our memories just don’t function as well. Sad but true.

Steve won both games of Pay Me. Of course he did. Jeff threw a fit about how he hates that game, we laughed at him, I internalized my anger at losing AGAIN and then they went home. Usually how a night of Pay Me goes dammit.

Sunday, the parent and grandparent in-laws came for a visit. It was so great to see them. Seriously. Not even making it up, I love them and got a pretty great set of in-laws. We went for a bit of a drive around the lake, stopped for lunch, drove some more, did a little shopping and had lots of great conversation. Sad to see them leave but they promised to not wait so long to come back. Hopefully in the summer because it is so much nicer at our house in the summer.

It was then time to do our chores, have I mentioned we are looking after the neighbour’s chickens etc? I haven’t. Well, it is what it is. Let them out in the morning, feed and water, collect eggs, let them in in the evening. Crap! I forgot to let them out this morning. Oh boy. After doing the chicken stuff, we picked up land mines in the backyard. There was A LOT. Gross.

That’s about it, busy but pretty laid back. I think this post is even going to put me to sleep. Now I am too worried about the chickens to concentrate anyway. Stupid chickens. Have I mentioned they attack me? No joke. Pictures to come.


6 Month Anniversary and Other Wedding News

Well, believe it or not, the Mr and I have officially been married for 6 months (tomorrow). On one hand, it feels like that time has wizzed by but on the other hand...well, I am sure you being the smart person you are, you know where I am going.

Do not read further if you don't believe in shock collars or if you are going to feel the need to comment about how to better train our dogs. It's our life, our rules and we love our dogs.

So, Hershey has a barking issue. He has taught Sophie to bark more and this is not going well at 219. He has THE most high pitched annoying bark EVER. So, we got him a bark collar. He hasn't barked since. WTF? He hasn't even got shocked, maybe this dog is smarter then we think. I think because of the invisible fence, Hershey associates beeping with "I shouldn't do that". The bark collar beeps after the first bark and he seemed to get it. Like right away. This should be breaking news, Hershey got it!

If you look closely you will also see that he pees on himself. What a dog!

So, wedding news...Julie and Steve's wedding is fast approaching! I am the MOH in this event and then I will officially be retiring my "wedding party shoes". No more for me. Julie is lucky, she snuck in the question just before my deadline of our wedding...she's sneaky that one. Of course I am honoured everytime someone asks me and it is my pleasure to stand up for them but really, 7 times is ENOUGH!

Anyway, I got my dress...wanna see?

I love it and Julie does too! One problem, the sleeves, not so great in person. I am thinking about getting them removed but they kind of make the dress unique. UGH! I don't know what to do...


A New Look!

We got the house painted this weekend! It looks so different but, I think I like it!
Here are a few pics, I wish I had thought to take more "before's".

Thank you to our wonderful neighbour (he's a painter). From now on, I will never paint again. Having him do it was so stress free and it looks way better! Oh and Jeff and I are both still alive to talk about it.

A Tiny Rant...

A bit of a different blog today, more on the serious side. As most of you know, I work as a mental health worker doing Street Outreach in the Greater Toronto Area. I love my job and I love being able to help but there are some days I can’t do anything but wonder if I should do something else.

Most days, I am able to feel positive about my contribution to my community by helping our most vulnerable but some days, it just makes me sad. It makes me angry that despite our best efforts, there are still thousands of people that believe homelessness is a choice or, worse yet, it doesn’t exist in our area. Give me a break, is your head really that far up your ass?

Sure, I have met people along the way that do choose to live outside; however, I can’t help but wonder what the underlying issue is (probably mental health related) and if it was treated, would that person still make that choice? Most the time I doubt it.

Anyway, the point of this post is to open up your minds and to provoke action from you. I know some people have already stopped reading and mumbled things about social activists and labeled me some sort of hippie but please, bare with me.

Is it really that hard to put yourself out there and help someone? Donate a few hours of your time? I am not asking anyone to give hundreds of dollars, no money at all if that’s not what you are interested in. Just think about it, think about what you could do to help someone in poverty in your community. It’s not just the dirty guy begging on the street corner either, it’s the child that is hungry at school, it’s the woman sitting beside you on the bus that can’t afford a new coat, it’s the man riding the elevator with you that has no heat in his house but most of all, it could easily be you. Seriously. Don’t shake your head and tell me you’ve heard it before. Think about it. If tomorrow you had a major home/car repair, a job loss, a family death, an accident could you afford the financial ramifications? Maybe, but maybe not.

Everyone that is living in poverty has a story, it isn’t always because of drugs and alcohol. That means, one day, it could easily be you or me. We live in a rich and glorious country and everyday I am thankful for that; however, as we all strive for more, better jobs, bigger houses, fancier clothes, more money, classy cars, there are many people out there that can’t think beyond where they might get food for their next meal, food for their child, where they will sleep, what the temperature is going to be tonight. I can’t even imagine the effect that those thoughts would have on my ability to dream, to cope or worse yet to survive.


You like us! You really like us!

Turns out, there are people out there that are actually reading our blog! Good thing I write it, not Jeff. We all know that I am the witty one. Perhaps we should have a challenge...

This sun has been amazing, I want to shout from the rooftops that "SPRING IS HERE!" but alas, it is too early and I am far to pessimistic to fall for Mother Nature's trickery. Enjoy it while it's here. At our house we are not looking forward to all the muddy footprints in the house, more laundry, more mopping and more baths for Buff Buff and Me Too. Fun.

It seems that as usual, with Spring comes our very busy schedule. Every year it our calendar seems to book up faster. So far we have Julie and Steve's wedding and all that surrounds that (showers, bachelorette, bachelor party, rehearsal etc), friend camping weekend, family camping weekend, birthdays (big 3-oh for one of us). Makes me tired just writing it. Of course all this makes fall come that much faster.

All is well at our place but we are all getting antsy to be outside again.

Cheers to Spring fever and hopefully a skunk free summer!