Nursery and Some Cuteness

Here is a brief glimpse at the nursery (for today). The baby will have a brand new window soon - so glad we get to hang these dang curtains again **dripping with sarcasm**

And here, at ths risk of looking like I favour one of our furbabies, is one of my favorite pictures of Buff Buff. She seriously could not be any more gorgeous. I think it helps that she loves the camera. Before anyone raises a stink about no Me Too pics, he runs from the camera so, any pictures I do happen to snap, he looks even more weird and dangerous than normal.

How was your Easter? We had a great one. We got to see some family and friends so, it can't be much better I suppose. This was our last trip home until baby comes. I am just not meant for long car rides anymore. Not to mention, I think Jeff would spend the entire time on eggshells. He must have told me 20 times this weekend that I had better not go into labour. It had nothing to do with not wanting to meet our baby yet, it had everything to do with not having the stupid hospital bag or carseat lol. He is a practical man.

We have been blessed to have had 2 showers already, one from Jeff's family and another from my work. I feel so lucky to have som many amazing people supporting us through this and can't wait for this baby to be on the outside and realize how loved they are.

Speaking of which, April is National Infertility Awareness month. Take a second and do some research about how infertility affects millions of couples and probably a few you know. Infertility doesn't always mean InVitro Fertilization and other procedures people might think are very scientific. There is a spectrum and each and every single space on that spectrum hurts just as much as anyother. The more we talk about it, the less people will suffer alone and in silence.

Is anybody out there?

If you are, check this out...we want to know what you think.


Almost there

and this house will never be ready. We are getting new windows soon (by soon I mean the same week I am due). The guy promised me that if I was at the hospital in labour, they would let the dogs out for us. Gee thanks.
What seems silly to me is that serious nesting only sets in close to the end. That's like cruel and unusual punishment isn't it? I can barely moove, my feet look like blown up medical gloves (my Dr says this is fine, in case you are concerned), my back hurts and oh man? I have some ligaments that are getting a daily work out. Why would I now have the urge to throw out furniture, get rid of picture frames, go through closets and scrub my floors? Perhaps it's my subconcious trying to bring this pregnancy to an end?
Had an ultrasound this week, I am still measuring ahead (awesome!) and they are estimating this child to weigh 6lbs 9oz right now. In case you aren't aware, they say that a baby gains about 3/4lb every week for the last 4 or so. I am not good at math and I don't know if you are either, but that puts this child around 10lbs at birth. She says, "We can be wrong by a pound or two" after she sees the tears in my eyes and hears the screaming inside my head. Good, that brings us back down to 4 lbs 9 ozs. Just where we should be. Perfect and thank you very much. I left a happy pregnant woman.


I did it!

I opened my windows, I changed my wreath, I raked a bit of the lawn and I got rid of some crap. Now, I am exhausted. I think that nesting has officially moved into 219 and everyone that lives here better brace themselves. Jeff opts to work weekends in order to escape my mundane lists of "things that make me go hmmm...". I can't blame him. So for now, me too sneezes all day long because apparently he can't handle the smell of vinegar and that's the scent at 219 these days as everything gets disinfected.

This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone, I hope it turns out ok. I am loving my new iPhone. Seriously, it's like having a computer at my finger tips (ironically, I do have one 5 feet away). It's fast, it's easy and it does what I want it to do (sorry blackberry, you lose).

That's all for today. Tomorrow we are off to Barrie to have supper with the Samson's and I am soooo looking forward to it. Did I mention it's buffet? It's going to be a long drive home. I must remember to pack some baggies in my purse ;-).


Spring has Sprung?!

Dare I say it? Might it be time for these pesky winter tires to be removed? Can I change my winter door wreath to the Spring one? Will my bed be filled with sand again for the next 7 months? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy about answering yes to all of these questions except the last one. One thing about 219 is that the soil is very sandy (I guess that's what happens when you live this close to a lake) and so when Buff Buff and Me Too come in from their romps outside, they bring in nasty, gritty sand which we often find in our sheets. I look at it as a great way to exfoliate all night long but, Jeff disagrees. Too bad, it is what it is and around 219, it's the first sign of Spring...who needs a Robin?

We are now in week 33 of the pregnancy and continuing to do well. I must admit though, I am really starting to look forward to having an outside baby! I cannot believe how fast it has gone - especially since we are not the most patient people.

Hope that all of you are doing well (if there are any of you that still read this). What are your first signs of Spring?