Random Ramblings

Have I done this before? Probably. Maybe I will make it a regular entry.

You know, I love blogging and I hate that I haven't had time to do it lately. Come fall, I will have more time. I was going to post pictures from our family camping trip but, the camera battery is dead and, well, I am too lazy to go charge it. I will do another post this week on family camping, we had a blast.

Hershey got sprayed by a skunk on Thursday night again. In the mouth. Seriously, we know Me Too is a little thick in the head but how does he manage to get it in the mouth both times? We think he must lunge at it (just like poor grey squirrel). Anyway, the house smells something awful.

After the smell, we got out all the candles in the house (that's not many because I am not really a huge candle person) and lit them around the living room and dining room. The candles were actually a wedding gift from Jeff's brother and his fiancee, they smell amazing and have our names and wedding date on the votive holder. It was a really thoughful and cute gift. We lit the candles a lot when we were on our honeymoon because they smelled so great. So, on Thursday night after the candles had been burning for a little while, Jeff and I talked about how the house now smells like our honeymoon. It really did. It made me miss it. It made me miss the wedding and it made me miss all the people I saw and talked to as our wedding day approached. We truly are blessed to have some really amazing people in our lives.

The honeymoon scent also took us back to things that we used to hold very important in our relationship. Things that seem to have slipped down a few notches as we got caught up in everyday things. Communication is the biggest one. We never fought, never fought. We always talked about things and communicated well because it was important to both of us; however, we have come to a place where we need to make it important again. It's not that we don't communicate, we do (don't forget Jeff likes to talk A LOT). We just need to make it a priority again.

I was going to make this a really funny post, I think this blog is due but, alas, I got nothing.

How about this...

I love that one. Shhhh! Don't tell Julie I posted it.

A few of my faves over the years...

That's all you get because now I spent way too much time gong through old pictures and now I am all emotional and what not. Thanks!


I know, it’s been a long time since this place was updated. I apologize. Those of you that are harassing me about doing a new one, this one’s for you!

First off, Julie and Steve got married! It was a beautiful day and a fantastic wedding. There weren’t even any major hiccups (unless you count Steve having the wrong coloured tie as one lol). Julie looked AH-MAZE-ING! Seriously, she was beautiful.

It sure did make me miss our wedding though. It really is the most amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many people you love to celebrate and amazing new adventure. We still have people talking about how much fun our wedding was and, I have to say, I totally agree. We love that so many people had such a great time and that is the best pay off. So, thank you to all of you who helped make our day the greatest day ever!

In other news, I got an early birthday present from the man of my dreams. That’s Jeff of course in case it isn’t clear. I arrived home from Barrie after the wedding to find a tent trailer in our driveway! That sneaky little husband of mine actually kept a secret. Can you believe that? WOW!

I love my new home on wheels and with some TLC, it’s going to be perfect.

Take a look:

Next, check out these awesome party outfits we got for Buff Buff and Me Too. Don’t they make you laugh out loud? I can’t stop laughing when I put them on them. Hershey is fine with wearing clothes; however, his big sister is not very impressed. I think she knows we are laughing at her.

Family camping trip this weekend! Looking forward to spending time with the family and using/showing off our new abode for the first time. Wish us luck!