My most sincere apologies...

I know, I know, I am a bad blogger. I really am sorry that I havent kept up with this - I really enjoy doing it so I'm not sure what happened.
First things first, we're expecting!!! Baby Mayne is due May 25th (although I am aiming for May 15th lol). We are not/have not found out if we will be using he or using she to describe our baby - we (by that I mean me) want it to be a surprise. Jeff isn't so sure about not knowing, but he also gives me my Christmas present 30 days early, so we shouldn't be surprised.
We got off to a pretty rocky start, but settled in nicely and just keep truckin' along. I have been blessed to have a fairly great and unevetful pregnancy and for that, I am thankful every day.
29 weeks this week and going strong!
As far as everyone else, Buff Buff is enjoying the winter and her extra pounds (that's a theme around 219) and Me Too continues to try and figure out how he can hybernate through it. Everyone survived Mama's crazy hormones (or at least managed to stay out of the way). My darling husband even made it out rather unscathed (he may disagree).
As Spring fast approaches, I have lovely day dreams about cold beer, my hands deep in the dirt of my flower beds, getting the garden going, washing the windows etc etc etc. Those all come to a schreeching halt when I remember that a tiny human will take up all that hobby time for now. Anyone want a volunteer position at 219?
We are very fortunate to have some amazing and supportive people in our lives, many of them actually and we want to say Thank you. Thank you for your ongoing support, your love, your kind words and thoughts. I only hope we offer the same in return.