A year goes by

Again, I slack at blogging. The little Mr is getting pretty busy these days, not leaving much time for "silly little blogs". It's amazing how fast they really do grow. I find it most overwhelming to think that just one year ago I was on bedrest as a small medical issue threatened to take away what we tried so hard to get. Now I watch what was then a few cells with a heart that just started beating roll around my dirty floors, smile at me with a toothy grin and reach for me when we sing our good morning song. I am so humbled by this last year that I can't even put it into words. Everyday is amazing with B, I think we finally found our groove together. Some days are long and difficult but each night when I lay him in his crib, I can't help but say a little thank you to the Man upstairs. This last year has been filled with the most highest of highs and some very low lows. We welcomed new family members and loved ones and said goodbye to some as well. It amazes me how one person can touch your life so profoundly and sometimes you don't even realize it until they've began a new journey. Today has me feeling reflective and that leads me to feeling very thankful. I have a life that is filled to the brim with love and kindness. Everyday I am reminded of how wonderful people are and sometimes I forget to take note. Today I am taking note and I hope to every single day. I can't wait for B to grow up feeling all the love that surrounds him and start to really recognize how many truly amazing people he has in his life.