A special note

Just a little post to welcome the newsest little to the world. Evan Arthur Royce Haller blessed the world with his beautiful little face, long fingers, whispy blond hair and pefect wrinkled skin on September 20th, late in the night (almost the 21st actually) at a wonderful 8lbs.
Welcome Evan and Congrats to Melissa and Nathan.
We can't wait to watch him grow.

Happy Anniversary!

I may be a littel late but, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. Thank you to all of you that helped make our wedding day the most amazing day in our lives so far. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in our journey together.
This year sure went fast. Crazy fast. Not only has it been one year since we got married, but the snow is moving in, the leaves are moving out and soon our bed won't be full of dirt and sand from dirty beagle paws. It's the little things in life we love lol.
The last year has been filled with many, many things. Exciting things, sad things, scary moments, silly moments and lots of moments filled with love, honesty and respect. Just what we promised eachother.
I really couldn't ask for a better person to share my life with, thank you Jeff.


According to this quiz,

Jeff is lucky he didn't marry me 80 years ago - he would have been the joke about town.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

That's right friends, I am a bad wife. Nah, not really, just to 1930's standards. What I find funny about this is that I am pretty sure I am more like a 1930's wife then most women my age. Ok, I swear, I work, I haven't given him children, I probably don't cook as well, I don't wear stockings and I cook in my pj's but, I sew, I cook, I clean, I do his laundry, I make the bed everyday etc.

As I get older, the younger feminist side of me is slowly dying and, I am totally ok with that. I am beginning to understand the importance of roles in family dynamics. I am ok with doing pink jobs and Jeff doing blue jobs. In fact, I like it that way. He brings home to bacon and I cook it. Deal with it.

Let's not assume I am some sort of Mrs Cleaver though, nope, not even close. I have adopted a modern twist on her. Think Mrs Cleaver in jeans and a t-shirt that will do anything but vacuum - that's me. I hate vacuuming so, generally, Jeff does it. Everything else though, that's me. Jeff for sure helps out lots though. I really think we have a great balance around 219. So, while I may not be a good 1930's wife, I don't think she has anything on me!


Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday

But, I choose not to participate in that today. I will post something "wordless" at the end of this post but, for now you get words!
I would like to announce that we have been skunk spray free for a week and a half as of today! YEAH 219!!!
Seriously, it's ridiculous what we have went through with this stupid skunk. I practically got kicked out of Shopper's the last time because apparently, I stunk the place up. Me Too got sprayed, J was bathing him and I headed to Shopper's to purchase all things scented. I was bad, really bad. Worst ever actually. So anyway, I got laughed at, glared at, sniffed (yes, sniffed! can you believe a man asked to smell me?) and pointed at. I didn't know wether to be embarassed or proud. Regardless, this is the point in my life that I declared war on our backyard.
Many people say "Why don't you just tie the dogs up so they can't get back there?" Now of course this is an option; however, not a good one for 219, Buff Buff or, Me Too. They are very rarely tied up so the tangles that ensue are ridiculous and frustrating. We live here! This is our yard, not his/hers. This thing isn't even living in our yard. Currently Pepe lives under that damn chicken coop. Can you believe that?! These chickens will be the death of me, I swear.
So, we now have a motion sensored spotlight and a motion sensored ultrasonic noise machine. Death calls the back corner of our yard "The Death Machine". Good job dear, now lets get rid of the chickens.
We have heard many different ways to get rid of a skunk from everyone. Let me tell you something, nothing works. Next time you know someone who has a pesky squatter, tell them that you know someone who went through this and they should not waste their money on do it yourself skunk removers. Purchase a trap or hire a pest removal company to do it for you. We have spent so much money on all these DIY's that we could have hired a pest company to remove our stinky neighbour and been done with it months ago. Live and learn I guess.

P.S. - My apologies for any typos and bad grammar in this one. I am on the laptop (vs. the desktop) and I hate the keyboard on it. Also, I am going to be late for work if I don't put a wiggle in it so, no time to proof read.



I felt it was time to switch things up around here again. Hope you enjoy the new tunes (a few of my favorites!). I try to use music that is pretty low key as it can be hard to read and listen to something with a heavy beat, well it is for me at least lol.

Enjoy friends!

Oh and thank you Auntie Sharon for wishing us both a Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday to Jeff!

Today is my wonderful husband's 30th birthday. Happy Birthday to the most amazing, caring, supportive and good looking man I have the pleasure of knowing.
Our weekend started by an adventure at the drive-in. It's always an experience. It starts with a trip to the Bulk Barn. Upon entering such a tempting and delicious store, Jeffrey needs limitations. We decide how many items we are each allowed to choose. We always get way too much stuff anyway and it cost's a small fortune. After we are armed with candy, we head to Tim Horton's to grab a coffee and hope to beat dusk (and the rush) to the local drive-in theatre. We are always early. I am always worried we are going to get stuck in a line waiting to get in and end up in the last row, parked behind a semi. That has never happened. I have no idea where I get my strange anxieties from.
So, we stuff our faces, drink our coffees, share a lot of laughs, do some serious people watching and are then both yawning before the first movie has even started. When will we get this right?
We watched The Other Guys and Salt. I would recommend both. I am not a huge movie fan, generally they don't keep my attention long enough but, these two were pretty good.
We continued the weekend celebration with some visits with friends and my parents made a surprise visit as well. I really do have the best parents ever.
It has been a crazy few weeks around here with lots of visits and running here and there.
Here's a few pics to catch you all up-


Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, yesterday was my birthday. 29 years old. Interesting age. Birthday's force you to reflect and evaluate and, quite frankly, I don't appreciate that. It also gets harder as the number goes up because there is always that child within that wants everyone you know to call first thing in the morning and sing as off key and giggly as they can. It just doesn't happen that way anymore. Of course my parent's call and Julie too so, no complaints, it sometimes just sucks growing up lol.
So, it was a great day. I had a great birthday and got to spend the entire day with Jeff doing random errands and lunch out etc. It was perfect for me but, my inner child is still waiting for the fireworks and ice cream cake lol.
Tomorrow is Jeff's 30th birthday party, we are really looking forward to it. A few people have had to cancel and that makes us a little sad but, we are still going to have a great time.
Jeff and I also went camping over the August long weekend. We had a blast and had some great friends stop by and enjoy bon fires with us. We also had the McMaster's dog, Bugsy with us. We were like a circus freak show with 3 dogs on a campsite. Seriously, people stopped when they walked by and gave us crazy looks. Get over it. The dogs were very well behaved and, most importantly, all lived to return home.
I will post pictures of the camping trip soon.
Last day of my holidays today. I hate the last day of holidays. I try to take it all in and make the day drag on but, it seems the more I drag my feet, the faster the day goes. I am really not looking forward to going back to the real world again. Growing up sucks. There, we went full circle - what better way to end this post?


Random Ramblings

Have I done this before? Probably. Maybe I will make it a regular entry.

You know, I love blogging and I hate that I haven't had time to do it lately. Come fall, I will have more time. I was going to post pictures from our family camping trip but, the camera battery is dead and, well, I am too lazy to go charge it. I will do another post this week on family camping, we had a blast.

Hershey got sprayed by a skunk on Thursday night again. In the mouth. Seriously, we know Me Too is a little thick in the head but how does he manage to get it in the mouth both times? We think he must lunge at it (just like poor grey squirrel). Anyway, the house smells something awful.

After the smell, we got out all the candles in the house (that's not many because I am not really a huge candle person) and lit them around the living room and dining room. The candles were actually a wedding gift from Jeff's brother and his fiancee, they smell amazing and have our names and wedding date on the votive holder. It was a really thoughful and cute gift. We lit the candles a lot when we were on our honeymoon because they smelled so great. So, on Thursday night after the candles had been burning for a little while, Jeff and I talked about how the house now smells like our honeymoon. It really did. It made me miss it. It made me miss the wedding and it made me miss all the people I saw and talked to as our wedding day approached. We truly are blessed to have some really amazing people in our lives.

The honeymoon scent also took us back to things that we used to hold very important in our relationship. Things that seem to have slipped down a few notches as we got caught up in everyday things. Communication is the biggest one. We never fought, never fought. We always talked about things and communicated well because it was important to both of us; however, we have come to a place where we need to make it important again. It's not that we don't communicate, we do (don't forget Jeff likes to talk A LOT). We just need to make it a priority again.

I was going to make this a really funny post, I think this blog is due but, alas, I got nothing.

How about this...

I love that one. Shhhh! Don't tell Julie I posted it.

A few of my faves over the years...

That's all you get because now I spent way too much time gong through old pictures and now I am all emotional and what not. Thanks!


I know, it’s been a long time since this place was updated. I apologize. Those of you that are harassing me about doing a new one, this one’s for you!

First off, Julie and Steve got married! It was a beautiful day and a fantastic wedding. There weren’t even any major hiccups (unless you count Steve having the wrong coloured tie as one lol). Julie looked AH-MAZE-ING! Seriously, she was beautiful.

It sure did make me miss our wedding though. It really is the most amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many people you love to celebrate and amazing new adventure. We still have people talking about how much fun our wedding was and, I have to say, I totally agree. We love that so many people had such a great time and that is the best pay off. So, thank you to all of you who helped make our day the greatest day ever!

In other news, I got an early birthday present from the man of my dreams. That’s Jeff of course in case it isn’t clear. I arrived home from Barrie after the wedding to find a tent trailer in our driveway! That sneaky little husband of mine actually kept a secret. Can you believe that? WOW!

I love my new home on wheels and with some TLC, it’s going to be perfect.

Take a look:

Next, check out these awesome party outfits we got for Buff Buff and Me Too. Don’t they make you laugh out loud? I can’t stop laughing when I put them on them. Hershey is fine with wearing clothes; however, his big sister is not very impressed. I think she knows we are laughing at her.

Family camping trip this weekend! Looking forward to spending time with the family and using/showing off our new abode for the first time. Wish us luck!


So Sorry

I made a promise to blog regularily and, I apologize, I broke that promise.

I have lots of pics and stuff that I want to upload and write stuff about and I plan on doing it on Saturday. Can you wait that long?

Until then, enjoy these links to pass the time. They sure do entertain me;

Sleep Talkin' Man
My Kid is a Jerk
Annoying Husband
Things you see at Walmart

That should keep you entertained for a little while.

Only one week until these two get hitched!!!!!!!


Adventures in Babysitting

As most of you know, one of my most bestest friends has 4 (yes that’s the correct number, I didn’t mean to type 3 instead) children. I am generally in awe of her ability to maintain her sanity. Her husband is in the army and so they are now based in Ottawa and when he is on course, she is alone with 4 children. 4!!!!! Oh Em Gee.

So this weekend they had a wake and funeral to attend in Orillia and the babysitter they arranged flaked out. Can you imagine doing that to someone? A babysitter is hard to find last minute as it is. Now, add to that it’s on a weekend and there are 4 of them. Rude eh?!

We got a call that included asking an emergency favour on Friday night. Of course we agreed. I mean really, the kids are well behaved and are familiar with us (I have known them all their whole lives) so although it will be tiring, it will be fun right?! I also don’t get to see them as much as I would like to so this is the perfect opportunity.

I had a bridal shower in T.O. to attend (more to follow on that later) Saturday afternoon which meant Jeff would be alone for an hour or so. We had a pep talk before I left and we both felt he was adequately prepared to deal with the tornado that was about to enter our very quiet home.

20 minutes after they arrived, I got a text stating “They are here. Get home.” I then asked what they were doing, he replied “Baby is watching a movie on the laptop, the boys are playing Wii and the last one is playing on the desktop.” Fifteen minutes later, I got one that said, “They can tell time and it’s after their normal dinner. We are losing.”

Of course me being safely nestled in the traffic of Yonge St thought these statements were very entertaining; however, I know kids and in the back of my mind I was thinking “If he can’t keep them together until I get home, I am going to spend the rest of the night attempting to soothe the innocents.” I stopped on the way home to get pizza. Kids love pizza right? I got to walk in and save the day. Sweet! I saw many relieved faces when I walked in the door, including Buff Buff and Me Too.

Despite the fighting, the whining, and attempts at taking advantage of the soft hearted babysitters, the next 24 hours went without incident. I did sleep with little feet pressed into my back, 2 little hands patting my face and suffered the effects of a 2 year olds wicked morning breath all night. It was fun and I love them dearly but our house isn’t that entertaining for children aged 2, 5, 7 and 11 other than video games (which I don’t endorse) so it was all us and dammit that’s tiring.

I am exhausted all over again after writing this. I do have a smile on my face though because once I have caught up on my sleep again, it’s all good memories and precious time together.
Love you you crazy McMaster’s.

Oh and the bridal shower! I almost forgot.

I had a great time, it was for Julie’s family and a great way to wrap up wedding prep and enter into the final weeks before the wedding. The shower was in Summerhill. Also known as a very prestigious community in Toronto, located downtown and around the intersection of Yonge and St Clair. So, very nice neighbourhood, gorgeous homes, quiet area, mature trees etc etc; however, I went to use the bathroom and was forced to use the worst toilet paper ever. You know that no name stuff that just disintegrates? Yeah, that stuff! All I could think is that this scenario is so indicative of our society and how so many people are living right now. Everything looks fancy and perfect on the outside but, inside it isn’t the same. All about image. I have seen my share of mansions that are empty inside because the owner’s can’t afford to furnish (because of what I do).

It’s more important to have a certain address and have strangers drive by and marvel at your home from the outside then it is to cast those same impressions on those you invite inside? Weird no?

I’ll take my small home and my expensive toilet paper any day. Thanks though.


Now entering - the busy season.

Seriously, it has been a whirlwind few weeks and it isn't going to ease up until September. I am just trying to enjoy every moment and avoit feeling overwhelmed by the piles of uncared for laundry, the ginormous weeds in the flower bed, the man eating dust bunnies and the lack of fresh food in the fridge.
This weekend was Julie's Bachelorette party. We had an awesome time in Niagara Falls and I am still in recovery. We saw some interesting things, ate some great food, made a lot of great memories and I think I still have the hangover to prove it. The most important thing is that Julie had a good time and she says that she did so, mission accomplished.
The Hilton was a great place to stay and the large window from the bathtub into one of the bedrooms provided hours of entertainment.
This weekend is Julie's last bridal shower. Crazy to think how fast this wedding is coming up, brings back some great memories for me (as well as some not so great ones lol). It's going to be a beautiful wedding and so far she seems to be on top of everything. Now we enter the danger zone so keep your fingers crossed for her that she has a stress free last few weeks as a wedding planner.
I am looking forward to most of the happenings we have this summer but the down side is that when we are so busy, winter is here again before we know it. We don't seem to have a lot of time to stop and enjoy the summer. Drive here, sleep here, drive here, sleep here, drive home, work, lather, rinse and repeat. Perhaps I should just convince everyone we know to move closer to 219. I hope the good old MV knows what she is in for this summer. At least the A/C appears to be fixed for real this time.
I went to see Jess at The Green Hair Spa last weekend and got my hair cut! Sorry, no pictures yet but I will try and get Jeff to take on this week. I love it! It's a lot shorter and I have to straighten it but I think that's a good thing, I was getting into a funk when it came to looking nice so perhaps this is the boost I needed.
As usual, off to work. Enjoy your week lovely readers (I still don't know who you all are) and I will catch you on the flip side!


Making the switch...

So, as we have talked about before, I am trying to get 219 to a place where it houses (mostly) all natural and cruelty free products. This is no easy feat my friends. I have a few reviews to share with you and will add more as I continue to test these products.


We are currently trying Tom’s of Maine (peppermint flavour). Tom’s offers fluoride free, baking soda based paste that is all natural and cruelty free (perfect right?!). It does leave my teeth feeling clean but I think it could use a little more mint in there. I have used baking soda in the past and it really does taste awful. It’s kind of salty but not as bad as pure baking soda.

Here are a few links to information on toothpaste to get you started. It amazed me how much crap is in regular toothpaste.

Brush your way to a greener (and whiter) smile.
Natural toothpaste vs Regular toothpaste


This is a tough one. Poor Jeff.

First I tried J/A/S/O/N brand unscented, all natural, cruelty free deodorant. It did not work. I repeat, did not work. Actually, I think it made my pits smell worse then when I wear no deodorant. Is that possible?

Next I tried Dr Mist. This was after many conversations and lots of internet research. Dr Mist comes highly recommended by staff at the natural food store I visit. In the end of this visit, a small group of women had gathered in front of the deodorant section and were sharing war stories about which brands have not worked.

Anywho, I tried Dr Mist and it works so far! It’s made of highly concentrated minerals that kill bacteria on the skin surface (hence why no B.O. – those nasty bacteria are DEAD!). So, it’s a little spray bottle (kind of like body spray) and you spray your pit (or feet) spread it with your hand and Voila! When it dries it leaves a residue that continues to work for up to 3 days (unless you shower in between – please shower in between).

I got the lavender scent and quite enjoy it. Not overpowering at all. If you have sensitive skin, they recommend the unscented version.

Did I mention that Dr Mist spray also has all sorts of other healing properties? Check it out

That’s all I have time to review for now. It took way longer then I thought it would. More to come on Sunscreen, lip balm, lotions, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Please keep in mind that this is an expensive endeavour and so I can’t do it all at once. Jeff would have my head. We have already had to talk about the finances of my new adventures; however, it’s important to me and I feel like my health as well as that of my environment is worth it. If more people used these natural products they wouldn’t be so dang expensive. Come on people, help a girl out!

Oh and most of these products can be ordered online via their websites or, purchased at your local health food/ natural food store. If you need help, let me know!


That was the best May 24th I ever remember, what a great weekend! My cousin and her family visited and we had a blast. Did all sorts of things but nothing too crazy and tiring. As expected, their children were perfectly behaved and a joy to be around. I think that they were worried about how we would react to spending a weekend with 3 kids but, it isn't that out of the ordinary for us. I wish I had some pictures to post, but I was too caught up in having fun to think to get the camera out.

The fireworks in our town were crazy this weekend. We live in a fireworks kinda town. Everyone lets them off, all the time. Since it is legal to sell them for limited weekends, we sell out fast around here because people buy a full summer supply. This was the worst weekend I have heard since living here for 5 years. I think we had a small glimpse of what living in a warzone sounds like. Seriously. While we only experienced the sound, Buff Buff and Me Too also experienced the fear. How does one explain to a dog that the world is, in fact, not ending? I am very open to your ideas on how to keep these dogs calm. We have our annual vet appointment coming up next week so I think I will be asking for a sedative prescription. Maybe some for me too!!!! It's going to get worse before it gets better.

My bestie and her kidlets are coming for a quick visit on Thursday night and I am really looking forward to it. They won't get here until late probably as they are leaving Ottawa after school so I imagine it's going to be a late night. Then we get to spend Friday together before she heads on up to Orillia to visit her family. Haven't seen them since January so I am really looking forward to it.

In other news, we made it on the blog of Rowell Photography. Check it out Rowell Photography . I removed the other link so this will have to do.

Ok, later my lovely readers, off to make $ now.



It's only Thursday???

Hello again friends!

Long weekend coming up here and we are looking forward to it to say the least. My cousin and her family are coming up for a night or two and they have never had the pleasure of visiting 219. I know, they’re in for a treat right?!

Of course, as of right now, they (whomever they refers to when people talk weather) are calling for rain on Saturday. Why does it always rain on Saturdays? I personally believe it has something to do with the end of the world but I shall not bore you with my ridiculous theories (which have no base in science or anything at all for that matter). Anywho, I am thinking we might take a trip to the beach, haven’t stuck a toe in the water this year yet but, I am going to go out on a limb and say it might be a bit chilly yet to swim. The kids will enjoy the sand time though I am sure.

In other news, we have a roofer in line! Now to get the money on the same line.

Julie’s bachelorette is coming up soon ( 2 weeks) and I am really looking forward to it! Also a line I hope some money finds. Is it rude to accept donations?? What if I promise to spend it on food instead of shooters? No eh? Figured as much.

I suppose that’s all for now but, here is another teaser of our “Trash the Dress” photoshoot. Pretty awesome and we should be getting all the proofs(this still isn’t all of them) soon!

Post Wedded Bliss

Tonight we are going swimming at a local community pool for open swim. Jeff got it in his head that he wants to go and obviously that means I have to as well. I am actually looking forward to it. I love swimming, it's just that my bathing suit hates me. Wish me luck!


Showers, Ringworm and Life Changes

First off, Happy Monday.

Second, I hosted a Bridal Shower for Julie this weekend and it went really well! Everyone seemed to have a great time and Jeff and I survived the preparations. Buff Buff and Me Too were fairly well behaved other than doing thier share of begging for tasty morsels. I baked some red velvet cupcakes and made cream cheese icing (both for the first time) and they were delish! I also found a very interesting punch recipe that got some great reviews. We are now getting down to the nitty gritty pre wedding stuff, I can't wait! The Bachelorette Party is coming very soon and is sure to be a great time.

Third, I am sure you have all heard about the ringworm outbreak at the York Region OSPCA. Awful. I will spare you my polotical speech/rant at this time; however, the OSPCA seems to be doing some serious backward motion since they caused a huge public outcry after their announcement of mass euthanizations in their shelter. Animals have been lost, many have been saved and reputations have been destroyed. I feel I have done my part to show my support to the animals. I refuse to be one of those people that sits around and is saddened by such events yet, does nothing about it. Seriously, if you are so upset you can't even talk about, why not try and do something. Don't just be sad, be motivated. Save the drama for your mama!

Fourth, on account of my previous paragraph, I have decided to make more eco friendly changes here at 219. We have made the switch to eco friendly cleaners (vinegar mostly) with the exception of stain remover (I am trying natural stain removers but they just don't cut it - I have serious stains people) and now we are going to make the move to hygeine products that are not tested on animals. What an adventure this is. There is a lot of research that needs to be done to figure what companies these may be. Some test some of their products on animals but not a specific line they offer. Not good enough. I want to support companies that don't do it at all. No, I am not turning into a dreaded hippie, I am just giving it my best to do what I can to support my causes. I am trying to walk my talk and no more just talking it.

The computer is back. We had an issue with Vista (our first one so I guess that's good). Seems she got some updates that she didn't like. We now have Windows 7 and Jeff is far less cranky. Good thing we just bought a laptop too eh?!

Looking forward to this weekend! My cousin, her partner and their kids are coming to 219!!! They have never been here before so I can't wait to spend time with them and share our home. In the spirit of their upcoming visit, the spare room underwent major cleaning. I will nto share the details of this.

Ok, off to get ready for work. On the van 3 days this week. This means I am working 3 evenings again, bitersweet.

Have a great week lovely readers!!!


Weekend Getaway Recap

Have I ever mentioned on here how I rue Mondays? Well if I haven’t, consider it done. If I have, too bad, you get to “hear” it again.

Today may be a Monday, but it isn’t so bad. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the week (did I mention I am off tomorrow? Lol). This being a short week for me may have something to do with my new found Monday attitude I suppose but, let’s be honest, who cares why? I like it!

This weekend, I surprised Julie with a weekend getaway to Blue Mountain (Collingwood) including a day trip to Le Scandinave Spa. Wow! It was awesome. I am sure the excellent company made it that much better. We hung out, watched a chick flick (Everybody’s Fine starring Robert De Niro), spent a day at the spa, ate some good food, some bad food and had quite a few delicious drinks.

Julie was surprised (Thank you to all the people involved) and she said she had a great time. That’s what matters the most right?!

We had a massage at the spa, it was great. I was a little nervous, it was my first time. At 10:30, a woman by the name of Kathleen called my name and away we went. I gingerly crawled up onto the table and told her she was my first. She laughed (of course she did, let’s not forget, I am a funny one!) and promised she would be gentle. 10 minutes later I asked her to move to Keswick and marry me. She declined (a blessing in surprise I suppose). Alas, I will never see my new love again unless I pay her. Hmmmmmm.

The Scandinavian baths are an interesting experience. First, you start by relaxing in a hot bath (102°), eucalyptus steam room or dry sauna for 15 minutes and then you move to a cold plunge (71°) and complete the circuit with at least 15 minutes of relaxation in a quiet room, lounging in a lawn chair around an open fire, or in the summer, laying in a hammock. This circuit is to be repeated at least 4 times for optimal relaxation. It was AWESOME!!!!!! Even the cold plunge was great. I didn’t try the sauna, I have a great dislike for them but, Julie did and she had mixed reviews. The steam room was great and the hot baths were great too.

They encourage silence in all the areas but especially in the quiet rooms. You may be surprised to read this but, we had no issues with compliance. Others sure did though and it was annoying.

Saturday night we went to Coppers Blues in the Village at Blue Mountain and it was great! We had our meals (which were very prompt) but the best part was their extensive martini menu. We indulged in $10 maritini’s and they were worth every single cent. I am now armed with some delicious new recipe’s!!!!!

Try this one…

Chunky Monkey
-1 oz banana liquer
-1 oz bailey’s
-1 oz butterscotch liquer

Shake over ice, strain and serve.

I returned home to a hungover husband (he can’t handle himself when I am away) that made me a lovely supper of stuffed chicken (stuffed with spinach, bacon and havarti) and aspargus. It was delicious!!! Thanks Jeff!

Oh and did I mention that there was a young couple at the table beside us that was coveting my prized possession? When we got up to leave, her boyfriend asked me where I got it. I was stunned, where do you think I got it from? It ain’t no knock off thankyouverymuch. His girlfriend was equally embarrassed at his ridiculous question.


Random Ramblings

Been a crazy week around 219! Jeff was out of town last week and I was working mostly evenings. Now, for those of you that know us, you can probably see the issues this may cause. Our house thrives on routine. Yes, it has even trickled down to the dogs. So, when Jeff is OOT and I am not home in the evenings either, chaos ensues; however, we all survived. Well, almost all of us...

Hershey found a squirrel and, I am sorry to report friends, the cute little grey squirrel didn't make it.

Let's start at the beginning (I am going to try and give you the Cliff's notes version). I get home from work around 9:30pm, let the dogs outside, hear crazy amounts of barking. It's dark out but I can see Buff Buff's whiteness scurrying back and forth across the yard. At that same moment, I hear noises. Noises that I never want to hear again. Noises I would not dare imitate because it's better you not hear them my precious reader.

Being the animal lover I am, I start screaming. Screaming obscenities, screaming dogs names, just screaming lol. Buff Buff then decides that her Mama is in trouble and she had better save me by trying to leap into my arms. Unfortunately, her short little Beagle legs can't get that much bounce behind them. Anywho, Me Too drops the little body and takes off cause he knows he is in SERIOUS trouble.

My brain has now gone into "Oh No! What am I going to do with this thing?" mode. Luckily, we are blessed with great neighbours! Neighbours so great that when I went over knocking on their door at 9:45 pm with blood up my arm, they don't hesitate to come and help. Help me to do the dirty work that I cannot bring myself to do.

RIP squirrel. I would like to say you will be missed but, unfortunately, I am sure that you are the exact squirrel that was digging up my bulbs. I am sad it had to end this way and I am still mad at Me Too but, perhaps there is a small silver lining?

The blood on my arm was Me Too's. HA! Squirrel got one last zing in at least.

It was horrible. Same thing happened 2 days later but luckily, Jeff was home. I will not share the details of that one. Same ending.

RIP Squirrel #2. Me Too now has a muzzle for when he is outside. We cannot handle the carnage around here. Bad Chi I am sure.

On a happy note, we went for our photoshoot. I don't think I mentioned it on here before. We did a Trash the Dress shoot. Nope, my dress isn't trashed. The weather was great and the sky turned out exactly as I had hoped. Lots of grey layers (read: stormy looking and interesting). We went to Wasaga Beach and commissioned the most amazing photographers: Rowell Photography. Erika and Ryan were fantastic. We had a blast and I am positive we will get some very unique and amazing shots.

Here is the sneak peek...

Wow eh?! Nope, it's not photo shopped, we were there in the flesh!

More to come in a few weeks.

That's all for now but, I want to leave you with a promise:

"I promise to be a better and more consistent blogger from here forward."


I know, I know, it's been awhile, my apologies. A new blog post popped into my mind a few times over the last week but I just never took the time to sit down and write it. That's a lie, I wrote a few of them but, they are the posts never to be posted. You know, the ones I write when I want to send a message out to the world (usually because something has just happened that irritated me or because I need to vent about how someone is making me NUTS!!!). Anyway, those won't get posted, it's not appropriate.

I have been having a bit of a rough week, just not feeling myself. Sorry's to those of you I have neglected. Get over it.

So, what's going on here lately? Not much at all actually. Jeff somehow managed to convince me that we (read: he) needed a laptop. I already told you I haven't been myself this last week and I think he took advantage of me. Nice eh?! Anyway, we went and bought one. He made sure he had me in the truck and on the way into town before I could change my mind of course.

We already have this "grand poobah" computer but he wants a laptop for when he goes out of town for work; however, since the purchase of "the other woman", both computers have been running. No joke, he sits at the computer desk and uses both machines at once. Needless to say, I put an end to that and set my energy wasting husband straight (with Julie's help of course).

Although Julie may not live with us anymore, she is still the one we both run to when we need mediation (read: I need someone on my team). I know that i can depend on her for that and then she can be the bad guy, not me. Oh, I hope Jeff doesn't read this.

Did I mention the argument about the laptop bag? Jeff wants a backpack (I think he thinks he is still 15) and I absolutely refuse. We are adults, adults that don't go backpacking I might add, what on earth do we need a backpack for? His response, "They are way cooler."

"No" - that's my response.

We did seem to entertain the sales guys though, one of them actually had tears running down. I think it is because he felt my pain (the pain of arguing with my 30 year old husband about what looks cool) or, he was totally jealous that Jeff was so lucky to snag such an amazing wife!!!!


Happy Friday!

Working an evening tonight....bluck! I really dislike working an evening on Friday's. I do it, but I don't enjoy it lol.

Waiting on another estimate for the roof this morning. Fingers crossed it will be lower then the last. I will crawl my arse up there and nail every shingle myself it saves me $3000...none of us want to see that or, better yet, none of us want to hear my whine about it after the fact.

The neighbours are back from across the pond so we are officially off chicken watching duty!!!! Whoot, Whoot for that. Now, please don't peg me as ungrateful here, I'm not, I appreciate a nice thought as much as anyone. Our thank you from them was...... a T-Shirt for each of us, a reuseable shopping bag and a chocolate bar. There was also a very kind thank you card which was the best part and really, all that was necessary.

Oh and with my T-Shirt came a statement about my size. Of course, I saw that coming a mile away (or 1200 as the case may be).

This brings me to another point, why is it that as people get older they think the world begs (or must be privy to) for their opinion and thoughts. Seriously, is that as we age our internal filters breakdown? Like an eslactic that sits in the sun (at least that's what I picture). My point is that no matter your age, I don't want to hear your judgements.


P.S. The second estimate was $3700. I guess our initial estimates we low and I should just face the facts. 219's roof is going to cost double what I thought it would. GREAT!


Oh Boy!

So, 219 needs a new roof. We had originally planned on getting some guys and doing it ourselves but, I am starting to get cold feet about that option. Mostly it's the clean up and liability that makes my toes blue.

Today I had a guy from a roofing company come and give me an estimate...ready for this?! $3900. No shit!?!?!?!!? I just about threw up on him. Our roof is not very steep, only has one little peak over the entrance and our house isn't big so the area of the roof can't be too large either right? $3900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh! I hope the next estimate comes in at about half that.


Feature Friday

On such a day, it is intended that the blogger (me), feature something. Another blog ideally but, I choose to go against the grain and I am going to feature a few of my favorite things!!!! LUCKY YOU!!!

First place is my shampoo. Can’t live without it. Used to smuggle it in from other towns and cities. Had many people on the look out for salons that sold it. I have now found a supplier of my own and will be going there later today to purchase some more conditioner. Why do I always run out of conditioner before shampoo?

Back to Basics – Coconut Mango for thick, coarse hair. Everyone reports it smells awesome, I no longer smell it because I have grown used to it. Even the girl at Tim Horton’s drive thru asked me what smelled so good the other day. Maybe it is just the world positively reinforcing me showering. Conspiracy anyone? That reminds me, I want to blog this week about conspiracy theories….

Next is Good Earth Green Tea with lemongrass….MMMMMMMMM!!! It kind of tastes a little like peaches and doesn’t have a nasty after taste like most green teas. I buy mine at Vince’s Market. If you don’t have a Vince’s, I am of no help as to where else it is sold. A close second to my fave green tea is Arizona Green Tea.

Third is good ol’ vinegar. That’s right, vinegar. I love the stuff. It’s good for everything! In my recent steps to become a “green cleaning products home”, I have been experimenting with different natural products. I tell you, vinegar is amazing! Not to mention it is great on popcorn, French fries, salad, fish etc.

If you want to hear more about what has worked for green solutions around my house, let me know. Perhaps that’s an idea for another post?!

On the note of Green, have I ever told you about this amazing little shop called the Green Hair Salon & Spa? It’s in Stratford. My very good friend Jess and her friend own it. Totally green products, how awesome is that? Check out their website (click their logo below - yep, I figured out how to make a blog button!).

That’s all for now.


P.S. You will all be very happy to know that the dreaded man cold reared it’s ugly head in full force yesterday but seems to have been appropriately beaten into submission today and is vacating my body. Holy hell are my ears ever plugged though! Seriously, I can’t hear anything. It’s driving me nuts, I like to hear what people are talking about and for that, I need my Whisper 2000 to be in peak condition. Maybe next week.


The dreaded Man Cold

Yes, according to Jeff there is such a thing. We were watching Dr Phil, as we do most nights when we eat supper, and he was doing a segment about how men act when they are sick. They played a video from overseas that outlines how men act.

See it here…

How true is that eh?! Anyway, my point is that I have a cold this week and, I think it may just be a man cold. It seems I contracted it from my father, makes sense right? Unfortunately, I continue to make supper, do laundry, do the stupid chicken chores and go to work. A man cold coupled with woman duties is by far the worst cold ever!

How was your Easter? Ours was fantastic! The weather was amazing and we tried to spend as much time outside enjoying it as possible. We ended up seeing a lot of people over the weekend but alas, not all that we had planned.

People that have never lived a distance from friends and family don’t seem to understand how hard it is. I mean really, we have 2 days to see A LOT of people. Sometimes we split off so we can double our numbers but then it’s hard to pick who gets to visit whom. We have recently adopted a new rule, “Don’t tell anyone when we are back home.” That may seem a little harsh at first but really, it spares the dramz (yes, I wrote dramz lol).

People know what we drive and they know where my parents live, so, if you drive by and see our hot looking MV (sounds better then mini van right?) in the driveway, please, feel free to stop in. Also worth noting, there is always an open invitation to anyone that would like to come to our house and visit, that truly is the easiest.

In true Newton fashion, I ran into a very good friend of mine who has moved to the Yukon but was home for Easter. That my friends is why I LOVE coming from a very small town. We all run into eachother and it’s like we haven’t missed a beat. I miss everyone back home like crazy, some days I am ready to make a call and list the house up here so we can pack it in a move back but, it just isn’t in the cards for us yet. Hopefully soon!

I never would have thought that someday I would miss my beer drinking-horsedriving-one intersection- small town as much as I do. Just goes to prove, you can take the girl out of the town but you sure can’t take Newton out of me.

Newton Rock City all the way!



Not so wordless Wednesday

There seems to be a very odd smell coming from our living room. This has been happening for the past few months and only every once in awhile will I get a wiff. It smells like someone has a grow op in our basement. Unfortunately for them, we don't have a basement. It is driving my CRAZY! I feel like I should have everyone that comes in sign something indicating that they have been warned and that it's confidential (I don't want to be the couple that has the smelly house). Only in one spot though. Yes, others have bore witness to the smell, it's not jsut me. No, there is not a grow op in my basement; we don't have a basement.

Easter is fast approaching, can't believe how fast this year has already gone by. I also can't believe that people born in 1992 will be turning 18 this year (I don't know how I went from the first thought to the second one. Please don't ask). People react with eye rolls and scoffs when I say the year I was born in and now I will most likely do the same to all these '90's babies. Same as I do things my mother does, I lock my doors when I see a questionable person on the corner, I judge bad decisions and I go to bed at 11 on Friday nights. I have stopped trying to stay young. I am now embracing the things I said I would never do because I don't have the energy to fight what's natural. So, yes, I am that person my 18 year old self vowed never to be and actually, I kind of like her. SO HA!

Now if only I was still this cute!

Wordless Wednesday


The weekend is over already?

That was the weekend?!

WOW! That flew by. Jeff woke me up this morning, I noticed it was still dark outside and became instantly angry with him for telling me it’s time to get up, before the sun, on a Sunday? WTH? After a few moments of fuzzy thoughts, I realized that, in fact, it’s Monday morning. Bleh!

Anyway, we had a great weekend. Friday night, I worked until 9 but when I got home we watched a scary movie, “Splinter”. It was way odd. I am not even going to review it. It’s kind of out there but had a few scary/creepy moments. Jeff says it won “Best Horror Movie in 2008”, note to self, don’t watch 2008 horror movies (they must all suck).

Saturday Jeff worked and I cleaned the abode and made stew in the slow cooker. Mmmmmm. Julie and Steve came over to play “Pay Me” on Saturday night and Julie and I had some business decisions to make regarding our house. We actually wrote things down, first time in our business adventure we have done this. See, we are getting older now and our memories just don’t function as well. Sad but true.

Steve won both games of Pay Me. Of course he did. Jeff threw a fit about how he hates that game, we laughed at him, I internalized my anger at losing AGAIN and then they went home. Usually how a night of Pay Me goes dammit.

Sunday, the parent and grandparent in-laws came for a visit. It was so great to see them. Seriously. Not even making it up, I love them and got a pretty great set of in-laws. We went for a bit of a drive around the lake, stopped for lunch, drove some more, did a little shopping and had lots of great conversation. Sad to see them leave but they promised to not wait so long to come back. Hopefully in the summer because it is so much nicer at our house in the summer.

It was then time to do our chores, have I mentioned we are looking after the neighbour’s chickens etc? I haven’t. Well, it is what it is. Let them out in the morning, feed and water, collect eggs, let them in in the evening. Crap! I forgot to let them out this morning. Oh boy. After doing the chicken stuff, we picked up land mines in the backyard. There was A LOT. Gross.

That’s about it, busy but pretty laid back. I think this post is even going to put me to sleep. Now I am too worried about the chickens to concentrate anyway. Stupid chickens. Have I mentioned they attack me? No joke. Pictures to come.


6 Month Anniversary and Other Wedding News

Well, believe it or not, the Mr and I have officially been married for 6 months (tomorrow). On one hand, it feels like that time has wizzed by but on the other hand...well, I am sure you being the smart person you are, you know where I am going.

Do not read further if you don't believe in shock collars or if you are going to feel the need to comment about how to better train our dogs. It's our life, our rules and we love our dogs.

So, Hershey has a barking issue. He has taught Sophie to bark more and this is not going well at 219. He has THE most high pitched annoying bark EVER. So, we got him a bark collar. He hasn't barked since. WTF? He hasn't even got shocked, maybe this dog is smarter then we think. I think because of the invisible fence, Hershey associates beeping with "I shouldn't do that". The bark collar beeps after the first bark and he seemed to get it. Like right away. This should be breaking news, Hershey got it!

If you look closely you will also see that he pees on himself. What a dog!

So, wedding news...Julie and Steve's wedding is fast approaching! I am the MOH in this event and then I will officially be retiring my "wedding party shoes". No more for me. Julie is lucky, she snuck in the question just before my deadline of our wedding...she's sneaky that one. Of course I am honoured everytime someone asks me and it is my pleasure to stand up for them but really, 7 times is ENOUGH!

Anyway, I got my dress...wanna see?

I love it and Julie does too! One problem, the sleeves, not so great in person. I am thinking about getting them removed but they kind of make the dress unique. UGH! I don't know what to do...


A New Look!

We got the house painted this weekend! It looks so different but, I think I like it!
Here are a few pics, I wish I had thought to take more "before's".

Thank you to our wonderful neighbour (he's a painter). From now on, I will never paint again. Having him do it was so stress free and it looks way better! Oh and Jeff and I are both still alive to talk about it.