According to this quiz,

Jeff is lucky he didn't marry me 80 years ago - he would have been the joke about town.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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That's right friends, I am a bad wife. Nah, not really, just to 1930's standards. What I find funny about this is that I am pretty sure I am more like a 1930's wife then most women my age. Ok, I swear, I work, I haven't given him children, I probably don't cook as well, I don't wear stockings and I cook in my pj's but, I sew, I cook, I clean, I do his laundry, I make the bed everyday etc.

As I get older, the younger feminist side of me is slowly dying and, I am totally ok with that. I am beginning to understand the importance of roles in family dynamics. I am ok with doing pink jobs and Jeff doing blue jobs. In fact, I like it that way. He brings home to bacon and I cook it. Deal with it.

Let's not assume I am some sort of Mrs Cleaver though, nope, not even close. I have adopted a modern twist on her. Think Mrs Cleaver in jeans and a t-shirt that will do anything but vacuum - that's me. I hate vacuuming so, generally, Jeff does it. Everything else though, that's me. Jeff for sure helps out lots though. I really think we have a great balance around 219. So, while I may not be a good 1930's wife, I don't think she has anything on me!


Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday

But, I choose not to participate in that today. I will post something "wordless" at the end of this post but, for now you get words!
I would like to announce that we have been skunk spray free for a week and a half as of today! YEAH 219!!!
Seriously, it's ridiculous what we have went through with this stupid skunk. I practically got kicked out of Shopper's the last time because apparently, I stunk the place up. Me Too got sprayed, J was bathing him and I headed to Shopper's to purchase all things scented. I was bad, really bad. Worst ever actually. So anyway, I got laughed at, glared at, sniffed (yes, sniffed! can you believe a man asked to smell me?) and pointed at. I didn't know wether to be embarassed or proud. Regardless, this is the point in my life that I declared war on our backyard.
Many people say "Why don't you just tie the dogs up so they can't get back there?" Now of course this is an option; however, not a good one for 219, Buff Buff or, Me Too. They are very rarely tied up so the tangles that ensue are ridiculous and frustrating. We live here! This is our yard, not his/hers. This thing isn't even living in our yard. Currently Pepe lives under that damn chicken coop. Can you believe that?! These chickens will be the death of me, I swear.
So, we now have a motion sensored spotlight and a motion sensored ultrasonic noise machine. Death calls the back corner of our yard "The Death Machine". Good job dear, now lets get rid of the chickens.
We have heard many different ways to get rid of a skunk from everyone. Let me tell you something, nothing works. Next time you know someone who has a pesky squatter, tell them that you know someone who went through this and they should not waste their money on do it yourself skunk removers. Purchase a trap or hire a pest removal company to do it for you. We have spent so much money on all these DIY's that we could have hired a pest company to remove our stinky neighbour and been done with it months ago. Live and learn I guess.

P.S. - My apologies for any typos and bad grammar in this one. I am on the laptop (vs. the desktop) and I hate the keyboard on it. Also, I am going to be late for work if I don't put a wiggle in it so, no time to proof read.