I know, I know, it's been awhile, my apologies. A new blog post popped into my mind a few times over the last week but I just never took the time to sit down and write it. That's a lie, I wrote a few of them but, they are the posts never to be posted. You know, the ones I write when I want to send a message out to the world (usually because something has just happened that irritated me or because I need to vent about how someone is making me NUTS!!!). Anyway, those won't get posted, it's not appropriate.

I have been having a bit of a rough week, just not feeling myself. Sorry's to those of you I have neglected. Get over it.

So, what's going on here lately? Not much at all actually. Jeff somehow managed to convince me that we (read: he) needed a laptop. I already told you I haven't been myself this last week and I think he took advantage of me. Nice eh?! Anyway, we went and bought one. He made sure he had me in the truck and on the way into town before I could change my mind of course.

We already have this "grand poobah" computer but he wants a laptop for when he goes out of town for work; however, since the purchase of "the other woman", both computers have been running. No joke, he sits at the computer desk and uses both machines at once. Needless to say, I put an end to that and set my energy wasting husband straight (with Julie's help of course).

Although Julie may not live with us anymore, she is still the one we both run to when we need mediation (read: I need someone on my team). I know that i can depend on her for that and then she can be the bad guy, not me. Oh, I hope Jeff doesn't read this.

Did I mention the argument about the laptop bag? Jeff wants a backpack (I think he thinks he is still 15) and I absolutely refuse. We are adults, adults that don't go backpacking I might add, what on earth do we need a backpack for? His response, "They are way cooler."

"No" - that's my response.

We did seem to entertain the sales guys though, one of them actually had tears running down. I think it is because he felt my pain (the pain of arguing with my 30 year old husband about what looks cool) or, he was totally jealous that Jeff was so lucky to snag such an amazing wife!!!!


Happy Friday!

Working an evening tonight....bluck! I really dislike working an evening on Friday's. I do it, but I don't enjoy it lol.

Waiting on another estimate for the roof this morning. Fingers crossed it will be lower then the last. I will crawl my arse up there and nail every shingle myself it saves me $3000...none of us want to see that or, better yet, none of us want to hear my whine about it after the fact.

The neighbours are back from across the pond so we are officially off chicken watching duty!!!! Whoot, Whoot for that. Now, please don't peg me as ungrateful here, I'm not, I appreciate a nice thought as much as anyone. Our thank you from them was...... a T-Shirt for each of us, a reuseable shopping bag and a chocolate bar. There was also a very kind thank you card which was the best part and really, all that was necessary.

Oh and with my T-Shirt came a statement about my size. Of course, I saw that coming a mile away (or 1200 as the case may be).

This brings me to another point, why is it that as people get older they think the world begs (or must be privy to) for their opinion and thoughts. Seriously, is that as we age our internal filters breakdown? Like an eslactic that sits in the sun (at least that's what I picture). My point is that no matter your age, I don't want to hear your judgements.


P.S. The second estimate was $3700. I guess our initial estimates we low and I should just face the facts. 219's roof is going to cost double what I thought it would. GREAT!


Oh Boy!

So, 219 needs a new roof. We had originally planned on getting some guys and doing it ourselves but, I am starting to get cold feet about that option. Mostly it's the clean up and liability that makes my toes blue.

Today I had a guy from a roofing company come and give me an estimate...ready for this?! $3900. No shit!?!?!?!!? I just about threw up on him. Our roof is not very steep, only has one little peak over the entrance and our house isn't big so the area of the roof can't be too large either right? $3900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh! I hope the next estimate comes in at about half that.


Feature Friday

On such a day, it is intended that the blogger (me), feature something. Another blog ideally but, I choose to go against the grain and I am going to feature a few of my favorite things!!!! LUCKY YOU!!!

First place is my shampoo. Can’t live without it. Used to smuggle it in from other towns and cities. Had many people on the look out for salons that sold it. I have now found a supplier of my own and will be going there later today to purchase some more conditioner. Why do I always run out of conditioner before shampoo?

Back to Basics – Coconut Mango for thick, coarse hair. Everyone reports it smells awesome, I no longer smell it because I have grown used to it. Even the girl at Tim Horton’s drive thru asked me what smelled so good the other day. Maybe it is just the world positively reinforcing me showering. Conspiracy anyone? That reminds me, I want to blog this week about conspiracy theories….

Next is Good Earth Green Tea with lemongrass….MMMMMMMMM!!! It kind of tastes a little like peaches and doesn’t have a nasty after taste like most green teas. I buy mine at Vince’s Market. If you don’t have a Vince’s, I am of no help as to where else it is sold. A close second to my fave green tea is Arizona Green Tea.

Third is good ol’ vinegar. That’s right, vinegar. I love the stuff. It’s good for everything! In my recent steps to become a “green cleaning products home”, I have been experimenting with different natural products. I tell you, vinegar is amazing! Not to mention it is great on popcorn, French fries, salad, fish etc.

If you want to hear more about what has worked for green solutions around my house, let me know. Perhaps that’s an idea for another post?!

On the note of Green, have I ever told you about this amazing little shop called the Green Hair Salon & Spa? It’s in Stratford. My very good friend Jess and her friend own it. Totally green products, how awesome is that? Check out their website (click their logo below - yep, I figured out how to make a blog button!).

That’s all for now.


P.S. You will all be very happy to know that the dreaded man cold reared it’s ugly head in full force yesterday but seems to have been appropriately beaten into submission today and is vacating my body. Holy hell are my ears ever plugged though! Seriously, I can’t hear anything. It’s driving me nuts, I like to hear what people are talking about and for that, I need my Whisper 2000 to be in peak condition. Maybe next week.


The dreaded Man Cold

Yes, according to Jeff there is such a thing. We were watching Dr Phil, as we do most nights when we eat supper, and he was doing a segment about how men act when they are sick. They played a video from overseas that outlines how men act.

See it here…

How true is that eh?! Anyway, my point is that I have a cold this week and, I think it may just be a man cold. It seems I contracted it from my father, makes sense right? Unfortunately, I continue to make supper, do laundry, do the stupid chicken chores and go to work. A man cold coupled with woman duties is by far the worst cold ever!

How was your Easter? Ours was fantastic! The weather was amazing and we tried to spend as much time outside enjoying it as possible. We ended up seeing a lot of people over the weekend but alas, not all that we had planned.

People that have never lived a distance from friends and family don’t seem to understand how hard it is. I mean really, we have 2 days to see A LOT of people. Sometimes we split off so we can double our numbers but then it’s hard to pick who gets to visit whom. We have recently adopted a new rule, “Don’t tell anyone when we are back home.” That may seem a little harsh at first but really, it spares the dramz (yes, I wrote dramz lol).

People know what we drive and they know where my parents live, so, if you drive by and see our hot looking MV (sounds better then mini van right?) in the driveway, please, feel free to stop in. Also worth noting, there is always an open invitation to anyone that would like to come to our house and visit, that truly is the easiest.

In true Newton fashion, I ran into a very good friend of mine who has moved to the Yukon but was home for Easter. That my friends is why I LOVE coming from a very small town. We all run into eachother and it’s like we haven’t missed a beat. I miss everyone back home like crazy, some days I am ready to make a call and list the house up here so we can pack it in a move back but, it just isn’t in the cards for us yet. Hopefully soon!

I never would have thought that someday I would miss my beer drinking-horsedriving-one intersection- small town as much as I do. Just goes to prove, you can take the girl out of the town but you sure can’t take Newton out of me.

Newton Rock City all the way!