This, That and some others.

We had a great vacation! The trip back home, seriously lacking in the "great" department. Our flight was originally supposed to leave Tampa at 7:45 but, because of all the snow along the entire Eastern coast it was delayed. We ended up flying out of Tampa at 2am. We waited at the airport for 9 hours. Awful. We walked in the door at home at 7:30 AM and managed to stay awake until about noon. It made getting home even sweeter; however, the massive amounts of snow are less than impressive.

It is only one day since we have returned and I have already unpacked my suitcase!!! Generally, I remove the important items and then zip it back up and stash it in a corner. I HATE UNPACKING! Today, I figured out why. While packing, I destroy my closet. Unpacking means I must organize my closet in order to return the items to their spot. URGH! Anyway, it's done and Jeff is proud.

Ordered out DMB tickets for his June 1 show at Molson Ampitheatre, can't wait.

That's all for now. My apologies for the lack of whit in this one, it really isn't even that interesting lol. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.



Look out Florida,

here we come! The park we stay in is never the same after "those Canadians" come down for the week. Mom, Dad, Alex and Betty should arrive tomorrow afternoon and Jeff and I will land at 7pm tonight. Now let's keep our fingers crossed for warm weather eh?! We will have a few drinks in the driveway for you all, no worries.

I will be attempting to live BlackBerry free for the week while Jeff, will not. I refuse to put up with the charges from Telus to use any data. Text's are fine but I figure I may as well give it my all.

We will keep our fingers crossed for our Olypian's left to go and will be cheering loud and clear in Clearwater.

Thanks to Julie for staying with the fur children!

See you all in a week...



3 more sleeps,

and we are off to Florida!!! Sweet, sweet vacation. I love you.

Jeff always complains about the "Pre Flight Rebecka" that emerges about a week before we travel anywhere. I can't help it, I get anxious. It has nothing to do with a fear that our plane could crash and has everything to do with being stuck in a cramped, air sharing, baby crying tube at a million feet in the air with no escape. Also, I need a few bevvies to calm my nerves before getting on the plane but then I am anxious because I may have to use the "bathroom", I use that term loosely. Not a place I like to visit.

Don't get me wrong, it is always worth it but every year it gets worse. I just keep it on the inside now. Next year, I am insisting we drive.

I think the anxiety also comes from all the planning that has to happen before a trip. I get worried we will forget something despite my lists. Seriously, I have lists to organize my lists, no joke. I have challenged my dear husband to plan a trip all on his own for us and see if he is all calm, cool and collected before hand. He says, "Sure, I can do it." Good luck husband. Don't forget to pack my clothes, passport, book the rental car, hotel, figure out food, house/circus animal sitter, an approximate budget and tourist spots etc. I think it is important for him to do this, give him a better understanding that a vacation does not simply entail loading the suitcases into the car and getting on a plane. I will keep you posted hourly when Jeff's vacation planning begins. I can't wait!

So, here's to no sleeping for the next "3 sleeps until Florida"!


P.S. Please do not confuse this for me not being excited, cause I sure am!!!!!!


Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't too big in our house, neither Jeff nor I have ever fell into the Hallmark trap when it comes to Love Day. I hate to refer to it as a Hallmark holiday but, c'mon, we tell eachother everyday that we love eacother I sure as heck am not going to do it just because it's Feb 14; however, this year the fur children did get us each a little something. VIDEO GAMES!! lol I know, how romantic.

For thos of you who want to friend us on PS3, I am RebeckaM and Jeff is J-Danger0815. I only play Little Big Planet FYI.

Anyway, back to the point. We wish you all a very love filled Valentine's Day in whichever way that may be but even more so, we wish you all a love filled lifetime.


Oh and P.S. Mom and Dad Roes are coming to visit us to day and I am EXCITED!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Also, only 5 sleeps until Florida!


According to my accountant,

our finances look great for 2010. Famous last words right? For those of you who don't know, we don't really have an accountant, it's Jeff.

Rebecka = not good at planning/saving.
Jeff = Saving Nazi (not to be confused with Julie's title of Minister of Finance).

So, great dear, glad you worked it all out on your spreadsheet. Now I just need to remember to look at said spreadsheet and make my little squares green and 2010 will be great! Now with that said, and written to all those out the in cyberspace, we must watch out for financial Armagedon (please someone undo that jinx).

No, seriously, thanks Jeff for getting us on track. I look forward to being debt free very soon and being able to buy EVERY fancy purse I see...sounds like a dream to me. What better motivation do I need to pay my bills?

Jeff and I do work pretty well together, I spend, he saves, works great unless I have to spend on groceries and I would rather spend on a new cell phone, a new purse, new shoes, any clothing etc. It's all spending right?! That was the deal, I swear.

Ok, speaking of money, I better go make some. Florida is in a mere 7 days and I am in charge of spending money, rental car, gas for said car, probably duty free purchases. What's Jeff paying for you ask? I might be able to pry his card out to pay for the reduced rate parking lot fee. Fingers crossed he won't notice when I pull into the valet parking lot instead!!!!




Here we are...

So, I figured why not try out this blogging thing? We have lots of friends/family that don't live close to us and, given my hate for phone talking, what a great way to keep everyone updated (oh and get me out of phone talking)!

This is all new to me and unless Jeff has some secret blog that he updates without me knowing, new to him too. I am going to go out on a limb and assume it is also new to most of you. Fear not, so far, it seems fairly simple and we will all learn together. Those that don't keep up will be left in our dust.

If you actually read this, please leave us a comment. If we never get any comments, I am not going to keep up with the updates. Then again, I probably won't anyway lol Best laid plans right?