A special note

Just a little post to welcome the newsest little to the world. Evan Arthur Royce Haller blessed the world with his beautiful little face, long fingers, whispy blond hair and pefect wrinkled skin on September 20th, late in the night (almost the 21st actually) at a wonderful 8lbs.
Welcome Evan and Congrats to Melissa and Nathan.
We can't wait to watch him grow.

Happy Anniversary!

I may be a littel late but, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. Thank you to all of you that helped make our wedding day the most amazing day in our lives so far. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in our journey together.
This year sure went fast. Crazy fast. Not only has it been one year since we got married, but the snow is moving in, the leaves are moving out and soon our bed won't be full of dirt and sand from dirty beagle paws. It's the little things in life we love lol.
The last year has been filled with many, many things. Exciting things, sad things, scary moments, silly moments and lots of moments filled with love, honesty and respect. Just what we promised eachother.
I really couldn't ask for a better person to share my life with, thank you Jeff.