So Sorry

I made a promise to blog regularily and, I apologize, I broke that promise.

I have lots of pics and stuff that I want to upload and write stuff about and I plan on doing it on Saturday. Can you wait that long?

Until then, enjoy these links to pass the time. They sure do entertain me;

Sleep Talkin' Man
My Kid is a Jerk
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Things you see at Walmart

That should keep you entertained for a little while.

Only one week until these two get hitched!!!!!!!


Adventures in Babysitting

As most of you know, one of my most bestest friends has 4 (yes that’s the correct number, I didn’t mean to type 3 instead) children. I am generally in awe of her ability to maintain her sanity. Her husband is in the army and so they are now based in Ottawa and when he is on course, she is alone with 4 children. 4!!!!! Oh Em Gee.

So this weekend they had a wake and funeral to attend in Orillia and the babysitter they arranged flaked out. Can you imagine doing that to someone? A babysitter is hard to find last minute as it is. Now, add to that it’s on a weekend and there are 4 of them. Rude eh?!

We got a call that included asking an emergency favour on Friday night. Of course we agreed. I mean really, the kids are well behaved and are familiar with us (I have known them all their whole lives) so although it will be tiring, it will be fun right?! I also don’t get to see them as much as I would like to so this is the perfect opportunity.

I had a bridal shower in T.O. to attend (more to follow on that later) Saturday afternoon which meant Jeff would be alone for an hour or so. We had a pep talk before I left and we both felt he was adequately prepared to deal with the tornado that was about to enter our very quiet home.

20 minutes after they arrived, I got a text stating “They are here. Get home.” I then asked what they were doing, he replied “Baby is watching a movie on the laptop, the boys are playing Wii and the last one is playing on the desktop.” Fifteen minutes later, I got one that said, “They can tell time and it’s after their normal dinner. We are losing.”

Of course me being safely nestled in the traffic of Yonge St thought these statements were very entertaining; however, I know kids and in the back of my mind I was thinking “If he can’t keep them together until I get home, I am going to spend the rest of the night attempting to soothe the innocents.” I stopped on the way home to get pizza. Kids love pizza right? I got to walk in and save the day. Sweet! I saw many relieved faces when I walked in the door, including Buff Buff and Me Too.

Despite the fighting, the whining, and attempts at taking advantage of the soft hearted babysitters, the next 24 hours went without incident. I did sleep with little feet pressed into my back, 2 little hands patting my face and suffered the effects of a 2 year olds wicked morning breath all night. It was fun and I love them dearly but our house isn’t that entertaining for children aged 2, 5, 7 and 11 other than video games (which I don’t endorse) so it was all us and dammit that’s tiring.

I am exhausted all over again after writing this. I do have a smile on my face though because once I have caught up on my sleep again, it’s all good memories and precious time together.
Love you you crazy McMaster’s.

Oh and the bridal shower! I almost forgot.

I had a great time, it was for Julie’s family and a great way to wrap up wedding prep and enter into the final weeks before the wedding. The shower was in Summerhill. Also known as a very prestigious community in Toronto, located downtown and around the intersection of Yonge and St Clair. So, very nice neighbourhood, gorgeous homes, quiet area, mature trees etc etc; however, I went to use the bathroom and was forced to use the worst toilet paper ever. You know that no name stuff that just disintegrates? Yeah, that stuff! All I could think is that this scenario is so indicative of our society and how so many people are living right now. Everything looks fancy and perfect on the outside but, inside it isn’t the same. All about image. I have seen my share of mansions that are empty inside because the owner’s can’t afford to furnish (because of what I do).

It’s more important to have a certain address and have strangers drive by and marvel at your home from the outside then it is to cast those same impressions on those you invite inside? Weird no?

I’ll take my small home and my expensive toilet paper any day. Thanks though.


Now entering - the busy season.

Seriously, it has been a whirlwind few weeks and it isn't going to ease up until September. I am just trying to enjoy every moment and avoit feeling overwhelmed by the piles of uncared for laundry, the ginormous weeds in the flower bed, the man eating dust bunnies and the lack of fresh food in the fridge.
This weekend was Julie's Bachelorette party. We had an awesome time in Niagara Falls and I am still in recovery. We saw some interesting things, ate some great food, made a lot of great memories and I think I still have the hangover to prove it. The most important thing is that Julie had a good time and she says that she did so, mission accomplished.
The Hilton was a great place to stay and the large window from the bathtub into one of the bedrooms provided hours of entertainment.
This weekend is Julie's last bridal shower. Crazy to think how fast this wedding is coming up, brings back some great memories for me (as well as some not so great ones lol). It's going to be a beautiful wedding and so far she seems to be on top of everything. Now we enter the danger zone so keep your fingers crossed for her that she has a stress free last few weeks as a wedding planner.
I am looking forward to most of the happenings we have this summer but the down side is that when we are so busy, winter is here again before we know it. We don't seem to have a lot of time to stop and enjoy the summer. Drive here, sleep here, drive here, sleep here, drive home, work, lather, rinse and repeat. Perhaps I should just convince everyone we know to move closer to 219. I hope the good old MV knows what she is in for this summer. At least the A/C appears to be fixed for real this time.
I went to see Jess at The Green Hair Spa last weekend and got my hair cut! Sorry, no pictures yet but I will try and get Jeff to take on this week. I love it! It's a lot shorter and I have to straighten it but I think that's a good thing, I was getting into a funk when it came to looking nice so perhaps this is the boost I needed.
As usual, off to work. Enjoy your week lovely readers (I still don't know who you all are) and I will catch you on the flip side!