I felt it was time to switch things up around here again. Hope you enjoy the new tunes (a few of my favorites!). I try to use music that is pretty low key as it can be hard to read and listen to something with a heavy beat, well it is for me at least lol.

Enjoy friends!

Oh and thank you Auntie Sharon for wishing us both a Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday to Jeff!

Today is my wonderful husband's 30th birthday. Happy Birthday to the most amazing, caring, supportive and good looking man I have the pleasure of knowing.
Our weekend started by an adventure at the drive-in. It's always an experience. It starts with a trip to the Bulk Barn. Upon entering such a tempting and delicious store, Jeffrey needs limitations. We decide how many items we are each allowed to choose. We always get way too much stuff anyway and it cost's a small fortune. After we are armed with candy, we head to Tim Horton's to grab a coffee and hope to beat dusk (and the rush) to the local drive-in theatre. We are always early. I am always worried we are going to get stuck in a line waiting to get in and end up in the last row, parked behind a semi. That has never happened. I have no idea where I get my strange anxieties from.
So, we stuff our faces, drink our coffees, share a lot of laughs, do some serious people watching and are then both yawning before the first movie has even started. When will we get this right?
We watched The Other Guys and Salt. I would recommend both. I am not a huge movie fan, generally they don't keep my attention long enough but, these two were pretty good.
We continued the weekend celebration with some visits with friends and my parents made a surprise visit as well. I really do have the best parents ever.
It has been a crazy few weeks around here with lots of visits and running here and there.
Here's a few pics to catch you all up-


Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, yesterday was my birthday. 29 years old. Interesting age. Birthday's force you to reflect and evaluate and, quite frankly, I don't appreciate that. It also gets harder as the number goes up because there is always that child within that wants everyone you know to call first thing in the morning and sing as off key and giggly as they can. It just doesn't happen that way anymore. Of course my parent's call and Julie too so, no complaints, it sometimes just sucks growing up lol.
So, it was a great day. I had a great birthday and got to spend the entire day with Jeff doing random errands and lunch out etc. It was perfect for me but, my inner child is still waiting for the fireworks and ice cream cake lol.
Tomorrow is Jeff's 30th birthday party, we are really looking forward to it. A few people have had to cancel and that makes us a little sad but, we are still going to have a great time.
Jeff and I also went camping over the August long weekend. We had a blast and had some great friends stop by and enjoy bon fires with us. We also had the McMaster's dog, Bugsy with us. We were like a circus freak show with 3 dogs on a campsite. Seriously, people stopped when they walked by and gave us crazy looks. Get over it. The dogs were very well behaved and, most importantly, all lived to return home.
I will post pictures of the camping trip soon.
Last day of my holidays today. I hate the last day of holidays. I try to take it all in and make the day drag on but, it seems the more I drag my feet, the faster the day goes. I am really not looking forward to going back to the real world again. Growing up sucks. There, we went full circle - what better way to end this post?