For My Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

Don't fret, I sent her flowers and called her first thing on Mother's Day so I am not really two days late.

I have a pretty awesome Mom. I have a Mom that I love and a Mom that I know loves me. Sure, we may not always see eye to eye, but we get over it and life goes on. I know that no matter what, she is there for me and what more can I ask for?
She did her best to raise me to be a caring, independent, successful woman and, I think she did ok.

I can only hope to raise my child to be those same things.

I love you Mom!

To all the other Mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day to you. Especially the ones that are particularily close to me and also helped shape who I grew up to be.

To all the women that are struggling to become Mother's, I send you big hugs and love today. It's a tough day for many women and I hope your journey to parenthood ends in love and smiles soon.


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