Another Attempt

I have written this post numerous times now and each time after staying open on the computer for days, it ends up getting closed. Each time the post is different, but hopefully this one actually makes it to the end!

The boy is still sleeping (despite my attempts to encourage him to wake), Daylight Savings Time has kind of messed us all up around 219. Springing forward is definitely easier than falling back...Life Lesson #7890923841267 (I made that number up) lol.

We had our annual trip to Florida last week. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't come with us, but Aunt Julie stepped up and did some major bonding with B. I was rather hesitant about the entire trip (the flights, the nights, feeding him, the sunshine), but it went perfectly! Everyone helped out with B and I didn't feel like a single mom at all. Cudos to those of you that are single parents, I don't even know how you do it.

Despite my best laid plans, I hear stirring from the nicest room at 219... always wonder what's so funny in there when no one is around. The giggles haven't turned into yelling (which may turn into shrieking) yet, so I may have a few more minutes to get this done.

I'm not sure what direction I want this blog to take, but I think I have to decide. Do I cover relationships, home ownership, parenting, eco friendly living????? After typing that, I guess I cover them all. Why was I wondering?? Now I have myself confused.

Here are a few of our favorite things!


Baby Gear

Miscellaneous Baby Stuff

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